How to Create a Website like Codecademy


Make An Educational Website With Intuitive Interface

Education-based companies have been on the rise and that has influenced people to invest in the growing industry. To assist them with that, we provide services that enables them to own a website like Codecademy that has been purposed to deliver learning experiences.

Our services, being in the lead within the market, ensure to provide solutions that fall under our client’s requirements. We understand the importance of education; therefore, our experts intricately craft adept strategies that bring education in to the outside world, to places apart from just classrooms.

How We Develop Websites like Codecademy

Responsive Websites

Our websites are highly responsive and proactively provide resolutions to users without causing delays. Our team of professionals focus on presenting sites that do not consume time and energy.

Connecting With Briefs

We understand the vitality of connecting with our clients; therefore, guide them throughout the journey whilst keeping them in confidence during their sites personalization.


Several methods to earn through a site are there, which include placement of advertisements and user purchases through premium packages allowing the site to generate higher revenue.

User Interface

Tailoring an interface that intrigues and gains responses from viewers in order to engage and retain their attention, we have all the effective and impactful hacks up our sleeves.

How to Make a Website like Codecademy

Features required to make a site like Codecademy excel.


A window made for viewers to connect with projects and collaborate for assistance with your services.


Enabling viewers to gain information regarding services and how much they cost, based on which they can opt for services.

Log In

A page confined to assisting users in joining and connecting together with the site like Codecademy.

Sign Up

A detailed pathway for users to gain information from the site directly by sharing their details.

Information Desk

Segment dedicated to informing the viewers regarding the services and solutions that the site has to offer.

Home page

Displaying all the important information at the very start, which influences the user to further get into the site.


Giving an opportunity to the viewers to gain answers to their queries and familiarize themselves with the site effectively

About us

Allowing users to understand the site and gain trust in order to associate with the site in a more effective manner.

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